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ProctorTrack Website

I had the pleasure of working on the redesign of a TechStars funded web application while I was in New York. Working closely with the art director at SCG Creative, we really hunkered down to how we could 1) make the web app super easy to use (most of the people would be using the application in isolation) and 2) tevitalizing the design.  The application is made to help more effectively verify the identity of the people taking an online test (or other important document) with the end goal of given people who take online tests more credence for their hard work. It was a great exercise in re-thinking a user flow of an existing website to make the the processes as smooth as possible.

I worked on the design, wireframes, and iconography of the website.

I hope to post more details on the project soon, but for now I’ll uploads just some of the pages.

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What I’ve been working on (aka: studio doodles)

I know I should update my portfolio soon…but in the meantime. Here’s what I’ve been up to.

01. (Pictured above)  #Catstuckintree. Is a little doodle that started out as a design test (the cat, tree, ladder) and then I just had to add onto it for fun.


02. Overview graphics for a business course (ReWork).


03. Part of a page for a kit I put together for ReWork as I’ve complete some of their marketing collateral. It’s been really fun working with in their brand style and and also getting to add new elements, like in this page.


04. Art direction for Art of Winter. Working closely with my friend and designer, Shantana Judkins, on this project. She presented me with a lot of creative ideas but wasn’t sure how to put all of them together and create something for the event that wasn’t over-the-top snowboarder-y. I took her ideas and made this mock-up for a poster choosing the colors, typography, and design elements. She used this as a “brand guide” to create the rest of the elements and collateral for the event—and she did an absolutely spectacular job!


Had a blast working with TEDxMileHighWomen

I just heard that the TEDxMileHighWomen videos are up and it reminded me of what a fantastic event it was! I’m so glad I got to help them out.

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