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When you say ‘edge case’, you’re really just defining the limits of what you care about.

Eric Meyer




I am an interaction designer at Google working on Android Wear, creating glanceable experiences on your watch. I have a Masters of Design degree from Carnegie Mellon University in Communication Planning and Information Design and Bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Wyoming. I have loved the emphasis on both interaction design and communication in my coursework. It creates a way of thinking about interactions and empathy for the users throughout each challenge, which is important as we design products unlike anything we’ve dealt with before. 

I have a background in visual design and communication, having worked as a designer since 2008 on print, branding, digital, and web projects. These have been varied experiences in long- and short-term contracts for both large corporations and small start-ups. 

My current interests are wearables, designing for accessibility, and creating multisensory experiences.


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See my process as a Master of Design student AIGA Pittsburgh contributing writer & member Design League at CMU  In-progress works Visual Puns


ps. I also have one goldfish (pictured above). His name is Mustard.


Words from other people

I love the people & brands I work with.

  • “I know only a handful of people in the world like Jackie. She is exceptionally ambitious and talented; she has a fantastic, positive attitude, that combined with a rare combination of refreshing humility and quiet confidence, has made her an absolute star on our team. Jackie leads by creative example, and I love that she has found a passion where she can do the following – she can take an ambiguous vision (like mine often is), and turn it into an actionable direction; and she does this with enthusiasm and conviction, it is always compelling, and always honest. I can think of no time when she didn’t absolutely exceed my expectations or that of our clients…I built a great company with Jackie’s tremendous support and influence, and found a super friend along the way.”

    // Dave Bacon

    Principal, BWBacon Group
  • “Jacklynn Pham is the most professional and creative young person I’ve ever worked with. Her design skills are intuitive and imaginative. She is able to take a concept from the mere idea stages and bring it to fruition quickly. She has never missed a deadline and rarely has to produce more than one or two initial designs because she is skilled at listening to her client’s needs from the beginning, and translating them into a piece that is artful and easily understood.”

    // Holly Barrett, Executive Director

    “I can wholeheartedly say that Jacklynn was one of the easiest interns I have ever had the pleasure of managing. Jacklynn is quick thinking, creative and always up for a challenge. Her creativity knows no bounds which allows her to produce quality and unique work; while also solving problems effectively on a tight schedule. I will always recommend Jacklynn whether it is for a specific position or in her freelance work.”

    // Jeannie Wert, Communications & Events Manager
    (currently at VisitDenver)

    Lodo District Inc.
  • “Jacklynn helped us entirely re-brand our school by creating our new logo and brochure. She completely understood the mission and vision of our school just by me bullet-pointing some ideas to her over email, and she encapsulated that mission and vision with her text and her logo ideas. She was really excited about the school we are trying to create, and her passion & enthusiasm in our project came out in her work and made me feel like we were in great hands. Our students LOVE our new image and we were able to start off the year with a super positive vibe. I feel proud when I hand out our brochures. We were 20 students over-enrolled this year due to our ability to recruit students with the materials she helped us create, and now we have a waiting list! Thank you, Jacklynn!! What is our next project together?? :)”

    // Jessica Newman

    Principal, West Career Academy
  • “My brain tends to work far out on the horizon. There is a wide gap between where my ideas reside and what my limited earthly-capabilities allow me to execute on. Hence, I think of you. I don’t know when, where or how, but I would like to work together [again]. You have a talent for communicating through design and bridging gaps like the one that plagues me. ‘Jacky gets it.’ That’s the simplest way to say it.”

    // Chuck Sullivan

    Co-founder, Something Independent
  • “Working with Jackie is fun – fun because she makes it easy, she delivers on time, and she respects what I’ve requested, but also comes up with ideas that are better than that and suggests those. She worked on several different graphic design projects for us, including logos and merchandise designs. I would gladly work with her again and again and again.”

    // Stephen Beili

    Playing for Change Day Coordinator
  • “I reached out to Jacklynn after visiting her blog about TEDxMileHigh: Risk and Reward. We were under a time-crunch and needed a skilled designer to help us with our program for an upcoming event.
    It was a stretch, but Jacklynn graciously accepted and, and after a few emails and calls, turned out a beautiful final product that was on-time and on-point. It was a pleasure to work with her—she’s highly creative, personable, hard-working, reliable, and has a deep knowledge of all aspects of design. I highly recommend Jacklynn and am happy to answer more questions about our experience working with her.”

    // Micah Williams

    Marketing + Special Projects Manager at TEDxMileHigh
  • “Jacklynn is a talented designer who is creative and dedicated. She can work on both print and web projects to ensure a seamless creative vision to a campaign. In addition, she is a talented illustrator who can bring artistry to concepts.”

    // Keith Hart

    Art Director, Access Communications
  • Jacklynn did all of our design work for several months at a very critical stage in our business. She did both collateral and client project work for us, with equally fantastic results. I’d recommend her to anyone looking for a solid designer to implement their ideas!

    // Nathaniel Koloc, CEO

    Jacklynn consistently impressed my team and I while contracting for ReWork on graphic design projects, both web and print. She adapted well to feedback, was able to match our aesthetic immediately, and turned around drafts quickly.

    I’ve already recommended Jacklynn to multiple companies in my network, and I look forward to hopefully working with her again in the future.

    // Evan Walden, President