AIGA PGH365 Opening Night volunteering


I was very happy to volunteer at PGH365 this year covering the event with my friend Vinita.

Check out the recap on the AIGA website

It was a fantastic experience and I was so awed by the work. As someone new the Pittsburgh, it was great to connect the pieces I had admired around the city to the designers who made them. While I might be moving more into the interaction space, visual design will always be in my heart. For instance, of course I had to go to the Conflict Kitchen to eat the restaurant that won Best of Show for its design (by Brett Yasko).

I was reminded of the value and impact of design. All three of the judges I interviewed noticed that design work submitted was trying to make an impact on the community of Pittsburgh. It made me really appreciate my background in graphic design and the visual craft of a message.


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