interaction / research / narrative

This is the in-progress work for a semester-long collaborative project funded by a real client. In small groups, students research and design a solution for a future scenario. Updates coming soon.


Microsoft-sponsored project. The prompt was to ‘design for a world with a billion sensors’–thinking about questions like: How sensors change the way we perceive not only our environment but ourselves and others? What interfaces, services, devices and experiences will be necessary to make sense of it all and avoid sensory overload?


In conjunction with a human-centered design research methods course, design a solution for a client problem in small groups. This involves regular deliverables and progress presentation to our client leading up to a final solution and product video sketch.

  • Five research/product deliverables and presentations to client
  • Learned & conducted user-experienced research methods
  • Collaborated in a group on a product design challenge
  • Group progress blog
  • Personal progress blog

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