Launched! Third Principle website

I’ve been working with a fellow tenant in my office to create a new website and after some rounds of revisions, it’s live! I really like the way it turned out. I customized the this template to fit Third Principle using CSS/HTML and a nibble of javascript. The website itself is powered by a lot of more javascript and php. I’m really happy to have worked on this project as I know Third Principle and their larger team (Colfax & York, coming soon!) are going to rock Denver!

We’re still tweaking the main page photos, but other than that, enjoy!


Helping out with the 2012 Something Independent Entrepreneur Awards

(totally an Instagram pic. Click to enlarge)

Studio Jacklynn Pham was happy to help out Something Independent once again with their latest event, the S|I Entrepreneur Awards. As another tenant our killer office space (Battery 621),  when they came to ask BWBacon Group (where I work as a full-time consultant) and myself if we’d like to be a part of this incredible event, of course there was an enthusiastic “Yes, please! When do we start?!” from both of us.

About the awards, in their own words:

The S|I Entrepreneur Award showcases those companies who are carving a path, growing their business and enhancing the soul of Colorado. We are here tonight to get to know them and the individuals behind them, to connect to their passion and understand what sets them apart. They often bet on their gut when conventional wisdom says otherwise and are willing to embrace the unknown. They are a unique breed of leaders. Something Independent is honored to be a part of bringing their stories to life. Behind S|I is a community of individuals, organizations, athletes, investors and innovators, coming together to propel Colorado forward.

I worked closely with Chuck and Johnny from Something Independent to create the print collateral for the event and preparing some of the slides for the presentation. It was based on last year’s design, but of course I wanted to make this year’s materials feel different because we were opening up the competition to all kind of companies instead of just action sports.

A really fun project and it was especially cool to see a collaboration with several other companies in the building like The Public Works, Wink Inc., and CompanyBE.

Congratulations to the winner, MHM! Here’s their video:

Entry 11 – Mile High Mountaineering from Something Independent on Vimeo.


Victore, or Who Died and Made You Boss?

I just finished reading James Victore‘s book this weekend and it was truly a pleasure to read Victore’s background and description of his work and inspiration.

I had the pleasure of taking a week-long workshop in 2011 from James while I was studying at UW. The book was still in-process during our workshop, so every once in a while he would pull out a little notebook and jot down our really terrible ideas and say it was going to be in the book (to my knowledge, they weren’t, but that’s not to say there won’t be a Book 2). On the first day we all sat quietly circled around a gigantic work table at the center of the room and he rolled in like an urban cowboy (complete with boots and a worn jean jacket). He talked for a bit and we all stayed mute except for the odd nervous laugh until he said this quote Hafiz. Then he said it again. Then he said it again and demanded we write it down and wouldn’t continue until we all got out our notebooks and copied it, dammit.

Whether or not you like Victore’s design, he’s authentic. The same guts, grits, and passion that comes through when you meet him in person is present in his design and I love it. It took me forever to get the book and read it because I didn’t know what to expect. In my head, I imagined it would be like other art books I’ve encountered: a glossy pictures and humdrum descriptions.

I should have known that Victore’s book wouldn’t be like every one else’s — if the full-bleed black pages weren’t a give-away. It was really his story and thoughts more than just emphasis on his work.. It was was really interesting. He’s is a great communicator, he’s written tons of articles and does a weekly Q&A spreading the good word. Victore is basically your prototypical design hero who drops out of art school, does what he wants, and sticks to it so stubbornly that his clients are eventually charmed until he becomes A Big Deal—and I mean that in a good way.  It’s what we all hope will happen. He designed what he was passionate about and wasn’t afraid to challenge his audience, and…never stopped. To me, Victore represents someone who has the courage to succeed and the courage to fail. I love it. Gusto. Panache. And all that jazz.

Recommended for any fellow design idealist.


Back to the 80s

I got a project to make an 80s-themed poster for à la Saved by the Bell. I thought it was going to be fun (and it was), but I also realized the 80’s were not a pretty time. In fact, it was completely at odds with all of my normal sensibilities as a designer.


80s inspiration

Does not exactly reflect my design education, right? Talk about trying something new!

It kind of looks like someone discovered how to make shapes in Microsoft Word and they never wanted to stop. Ever. Ever. After completing the one on the left, I created an second design because I just felt quite certain that we as a people have agreed to forget the 80’s ever happened. Don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed the exploration into the black hole of design that is the 80’s and while I was constructing the pattern in the back, it gave me a vague nostalgia of my childhood clothes, but I just had an inkling that our memory of acid-washed jeans is prettier than perhaps it actually was.

For example, I made this just for fun:

When all’s said and done, the decided to choose the black & colorful poster to the right for their marketing materials. I went with the other side of the 80s: The futuristic-layered-space-cowboy-and-glowing side. Except I reduced it a bit.

At this point, I really enjoy them both. Like lumpy-headed children.  It was something different and who doesn’t love a good challenge?