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1011 Tapes CD Packaging

I worked with Adrian Molina to design the cover for a benefit CD for the to raise money for the Youth Media Studio. Another really fun project that I was tickled to be a part of.


This is the design they ended up choosing which features a sketch of the proposed YMS with some artistic smudges in the YMS colors. The really loved it and it was exactly the style they were looking for.

My first version of of the CD cover I have to admit is less grounded by the YMS project, but I have to admit I really enjoyed making it and was super pleased with how it turned out. It was more like a creative exercise. Since I didn’t know what bands would be included on the disk, only that they would all be Colorado-based, I wanted to design a cover that would be sharp enough to appeal to a variety of audiences and genres. Whether I did it, is up to you to decide:



New blog: Jack Does Good

Very excited to release my new blog! I decided that, not only did my old blog need a new design, but also a new purpose. I found that I was talking more and more about design/professional events I was attending and or things I’ve learned I am inspired by so wanted to rework my blog. I believe it’s now easier to find the content you’re looking for: design, learning, recipes, media inspiration, or what’s going on in my life (heaven forbid you’re interested in that!).

I also wanted to separate my blog from my name a bit more since I consider it a more person creative exercise. I chose the name because I want to do good well. I think it speaks to me do-gooder nature and dedication to projects, all with a wink to my English major.

Let me know what you think!


Launched! Third Principle website

I’ve been working with a fellow tenant in my office to create a new website and after some rounds of revisions, it’s live! I really like the way it turned out. I customized the this template to fit Third Principle using CSS/HTML and a nibble of javascript. The website itself is powered by a lot of more javascript and php. I’m really happy to have worked on this project as I know Third Principle and their larger team (Colfax & York, coming soon!) are going to rock Denver!

We’re still tweaking the main page photos, but other than that, enjoy!


Helping out with the 2012 Something Independent Entrepreneur Awards

(totally an Instagram pic. Click to enlarge)

Studio Jacklynn Pham was happy to help out Something Independent once again with their latest event, the S|I Entrepreneur Awards. As another tenant our killer office space (Battery 621),  when they came to ask BWBacon Group (where I work as a full-time consultant) and myself if we’d like to be a part of this incredible event, of course there was an enthusiastic “Yes, please! When do we start?!” from both of us.

About the awards, in their own words:

The S|I Entrepreneur Award showcases those companies who are carving a path, growing their business and enhancing the soul of Colorado. We are here tonight to get to know them and the individuals behind them, to connect to their passion and understand what sets them apart. They often bet on their gut when conventional wisdom says otherwise and are willing to embrace the unknown. They are a unique breed of leaders. Something Independent is honored to be a part of bringing their stories to life. Behind S|I is a community of individuals, organizations, athletes, investors and innovators, coming together to propel Colorado forward.

I worked closely with Chuck and Johnny from Something Independent to create the print collateral for the event and preparing some of the slides for the presentation. It was based on last year’s design, but of course I wanted to make this year’s materials feel different because we were opening up the competition to all kind of companies instead of just action sports.

A really fun project and it was especially cool to see a collaboration with several other companies in the building like The Public Works, Wink Inc., and CompanyBE.

Congratulations to the winner, MHM! Here’s their video:

Entry 11 – Mile High Mountaineering from Something Independent on Vimeo.